Rooted in surf rock and indie dream pop, La Fonda fuses the soulful vocals of sister singer/songwriters Veronica & Valerie Topacio with upbeat, funky grooves, exploring the introspective highs and lows of love, longing and loss with their catchy melodies.

Valerie & Veronica have used the art of poetry, story-telling and singing to help guide their youth. From singing in choirs to busking together at Pike Place Market, locals know to recognize them from their soulful ballads and spot-on harmonies. Stirred by the thriving music and collective art scene in Seattle, the sisters continue to be inspired by their love for music and writing and use this as a way to navigate woman, sister and adulthood. After playing as a soulful duo, it was only natural that the sisters would soon find themselves the brothers of La Fonda, combining their dreamy vocals with surf-rock inspired guitar sounds, lively drum beats and bright keys.

La Fonda recorded & produced their “Good Love” EP with head engineer Garrett Reynolds of Electrokitty Sound Studio in Wallingford, WA.

VERONICA – Lead Vocals

I keep my visions to myself

Passions: Writing songs about my ex-lovers and singing them, writing songs about my current lovers and singing them,  going to shows, supporting local music, taking chances, & living confidently.

What La Fonda means to you:  Family!!!  These people are my world! ❤

What makes you happy: My king size bed, late nights, whiskey, pitch perfect, & dim sum

VALERIE – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Impulsive Dreamer

Passions: Writing…in attempt to relieve my memory and also experience life twice…both in the moment and in retrospect.

What La Fonda means to you: Soul-bearing, raw and emotional musical energy shared between brothers and sisters.

What makes you happy: Lazy Susans, reading until I pass out, holding hands with my love, new journals, sleepovers and loving so hard it’s laughable.

JESSE – Lead Guitar

How’s my hair?

Passions: Doggos & puppers, staying healthy, being in the woods, playing music, making new friendships and enriching the ones I have… oh and late night cooking and tequila.

What La Fonda means to you: Spreading the love within the band to our audience. Making good music. Having fun and giving lots of high fives.

What makes you happy: The sun, people smiling, my family and friends…and dogs.

BRYAN – Bass

Your Mother’s Best Nightmare

Passions: Discovering, playing and sharing music. And hot babes. I’m super passionate about hot babes.

What La Fonda means to you: Not just a band. We are brothers and sisters who laugh, cry, get angry, be blissful, comfort and create together. Our love for each other shines through our music and our performances to light up faces in the crowd. We are inclusive. We are sexy. We are here for you. We are La Fonda.

What makes you happy: People that look like their dog… and Patrick.

PATRICK – Keys/Synth

Life Enthusiast

Passions: Earth and oceans science, ecological systems, music, photography, literature, mountain biking, backpacking, skiing & traveling.

What La Fonda means to you: Good times with good people and best friends.

What makes you happy: The great outdoors.

MIKE – Drums

Was Addicted to the Hokey Pokey, But I Turned Myself Around

Passions: Spending time in nature, laying down sick drum beats, paths of least resistance, and trying to elevate small talk to medium talk.

What La Fonda means to you: Living in the moment and radiating good love with a welcoming attitude and an open mind.

What makes you happy: The best things in life are free…spreading smiles and hugs, exploring dog parks, kindness towards others, and singing in the shower.