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Apr. 14, 2017: Impose Magazine Debuts “FOMO”

Seattle-based indie soul pop collective La Fonda – comprised of Veronica Topacio (lead vocals), Valerie Topacio (Vocals, guitar), Jesse Cole (lead guitar), Bryan Dever (bass), Mike Wellner (drums), and Patrick Hodge (keys) – prepped for their brand new Good Love EP with the release of their new music video for all-too-relatable track “FOMO.” As Veronica’s rich vocals flood your ears, you are taken on a journey with her on car rides, down busy streets, and in the midst of party atmospheres surrounded by friends. (Full Review)

Feb. 7, 2017: Reviews “Seasons Change” as a Dreamy, Catchy Delight


From Emerging from the Seattle scene, is the dynamic group La Fonda…an indie-pop-soul band with surf-rock overtures…Their single, “Seasons Change,” off their EP ‘Good Love,’ is purely delightful and dreamy, contagious and catchy…The energy of the band will get you smiling, moving and grooving or catching the next positive wave for a purely enjoyable musical ride…La Fonda gels well together; they sound like they are having a great time and it is easy to have a great time with them.  This is exactly the kind of music you want to hear when you go out with your friends to have a good time. There is a wistfulness in the lyrics delivered by a soulful vocal tone over a groovy music foundation that never brings you down, instead they keep the energy upbeat and fun for just the right mix…La Fonda is breaking the mold by adding elements of soul, pop, surf, and rock together to create a vibe that is uniquely their own; their music has an energy that is catchy and contagious with musicians who move and groove you, vocals and harmonies that are warm and inviting, and lyrics that shoot straight from the hip for everyone to relate to. (Full Review)

Dec. 7, 2016: Names “Seasons Change” Seattle Song of the Week


From “Our Seattle Song of the Week is La Fonda’s first single “Seasons Change” off their debut EP Good Love. The song is laced with surf rock guitars and indie dream pop vocals while the lyrics tell the story of love lost over an upbeat melody. Veronica and Valerie Topacio beautifully harmonize their vocals over lively drum beats and bright keys as every instrument comes together to create an indie-funk tune. From this track alone, you can tell that each member from the six piece band brings a vital sound that allows them to produce such fun, catchy music.”